Free Spirit Play Park Horse Boarding San Antonio Mexico

Free Spirit Playpark

Free Spirit Play Park Horse Boarding San Antonio MexicoHORSE BOARDING AND AMENITIES:

Boarding Cost is $3500 pesos per month.

  • Stalls are large with sawdust bedding which are cleaned several times throughout the day.

  • There are paddocks attached to the stalls, giving horses more room to move around in.

  • Horses are fed grass hay 3 times per day with grain at night. Hours they are fed are 8 am, 1 pm, and 5-6 pm

  • Free Spirit Playpark Horse Arena

    Clean water is always available.

  • There is a bathing station near the tack room.

  • There is some daily turnout with a bit of grass to nibble on and for them to run and play and stretch their legs, if they desire.

We have a 20 X 40 meter (66 X 132 feet) training/dressage ring with well-sifted red sand. During the dry season, it will be kept moist to help control dust.

There is also a 60 foot round pen on the premisses for other types of schooling.

Free Spirit Play Park for Horses AjijicWhen not in use by the dogs, and all day on Sundays, horses can go on the “doggie side”, where there are several “horse agility” obstacles and jumps. The use of these obstacles helps to increase the bonding and trust we all look for. The biggest benefit is that the horse gains more confidence in himself and you as his leader.


  • People with their own horse may use the premises for their own training purposes.

  • Cost is 50 pesos per hour.

  • Please call for available times.


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Ramon Corona No. 166
San Antonio Tlay, Mexico

The last street behind WalMart!
Just east of La Floresta and Ajijic.

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